Questions about Fun Patches

So I have received a few questions regarding fun patches!daisy-fun-1702

First question was where do the fun patches go?


They go on the back of the tunics! They are not to be in the front at all!

Secondly, can the Fun Patches be earned on an individual basis (when families go to the park, ice skating, ect) or does it all have to be within the troop?

I have asked around to other local leaders, looked on Google, and there is not one answer for this. It truly is based on each troop. As I see it, I have absolutely no problem with the girls earning fun patches on their own with their families. Will some girls have more fun patches than others? Sure, but I think the fun patches can really show each girls individuality! As long as the parents are purchasing the fun patches, I have no problem with it. Again, there will be fun patches that are earned through the troop, and we will cover the expenses for. But I say, have fun with your girl scout, and if she earns a fun patch along the way, wear it proudly (on the back! LOL 🙂 )

Please email me any other questions that you may have and I will address them!

Coats for Families

As winter approaches the Hampton Roads region, there are many families in need of coats. Girl Scouts are helping WAVY-TV 10 and FOX43 with a community service called Coats for Families. You can donate gently used or new coats and drop them off at A Place for Girls or various locations listed here. Used coats will be cleaned and ready for distribution for those in need – thanks to Albano Cleaners and Boulevard Cleaners. The campaign will run through December 9 with one major distribution of coats on December 14 at select locations from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – one coat per person. Parents should bring their children for proper sizing. See public service announcement here.

I Just Can’t Wait for Girl Scout Cookies!

The annual and beloved Girl Scout cookie season will soon be here. All your favorite cookies to choose from at a great price for a great cause! GSCCC volunteers who are helping organize this effort in their service units or service areas attended training courses in November to get the scoop on what’s new for 2014. The next step – preparing girls at upcoming cookie rallies where they will build skills to become super cookie entrepreneurs!  I will be adding more information as we move closer to the BIG day when the sale begins – January 11, 2014.

** The Cookie Training will be December 10th, 2013 at 6:30pm at Kempsville High School. ALL Leaders and Cookie Chairs must be present!** Please let me know if you can not make this!*** 

A few reminders for our First Meeting

I hope everyone is having a great start to their Thanksgiving week! I know I am ready for Thursday to be here so I can eat, eat eat!!!

Liz and I finished out leader training yesterday, and I have been dying to get an email out to you guys! It may be a lot of information, but please know you can email me or call me at any time with any questions!

First, I want to remind you all of our First Official Girl Scouts Meeting on December 5th, 2013 at Point O’ View Elementary at 6:30pm. Parents, you are more than willing to stay or drop off your girls.

  • For the meetings, seeing as I am not sure how the temperature in the cafeteria will be, please dress your children warm. Also, please bring a blanket or pillow for the girls to sit on, so they are not sitting on the cold floor.

Second, a reminder that we all made the decisions that dues would be $5 a month. That will be due on the first Thursday meeting of each month. Please know that you can pay your entire dues in advance, if you choose.

Uniforms: We have decided to purchase the tunics for our children. The uniform is not required on the December 5th meeting, but after that, they will be. Here is what you need:

  1. American Flag Patch
  2. Girl Scout Council Identification Set
  3. Troop Numerals
  4. 100th Anniversary Pin
  5. Daisy Insignia Tab (I was at the retail store yesterday, and the lady mentioned that these are on backorder till December 10th, including online. If I hear anything more I will let you all know.)
  6. World Trefoil Pin
  7. Girl Scout Daisy Membership Pin
  8. Daisy Petals Set ( Seeing as we will not officially start our Petals until after the holidays, you can get that set to me by January 2nd. They will earn the Promise center on the second meeting.)

Your girls can wear  whatever pants you choose, but you do have to have a white t-shirt underneath the tunic.

Parent Volunteers: As we discussed at the first meeting, with us being a new troop, we are only going to be as successful as we would like with the help of parent volunteers. Below are the following areas volunteers would be needed and greatly appreciated:

  • Cookie Manager- I know we had a mom volunteer but for the life of me can’t remember who!!! Sorry!
  • Chaperone/ Driver Coordinator ( This will also change and be determined per trips we take)
  • Troop Finance Coordinator- Will keep Troop Financial records.
  • CPR Coordinator- This person or persons will need to be CPR certified, and will have to attend all meetings and field trips
  • Sibling Sitter- This can be rotated each meeting. I noticed a lot of us had siblings at the first meeting. I think it would be helpful if we volunteered to help watch the siblings while the girls work on their things. Parents would need to provide activities to keep the siblings entertained for an hour.

That’s all that I can think of for now. If you are interested, please send me an email and let me know. I truly appreciate this!

Please make sure the documents that I emailed out that need to be filled out are returned to the December 5th meeting. The documents are as follows:

  1. Girl Scout Law and Promise. Please start familiarizing your girls with this.
  2. Publication Consent Form –  Release for publish photos of our girls during meetings, trips, ect.
  3. Donations list- Again, we need all the help to get started with. The more items the merrier. Please bring items to the first meeting and we will put them in our plastic tub.
  4. Meet My Daughter form- Please print out and fill out about each of your girls. This will give myself and the other troop leaders some good information!

Again, I know that this is a lot!! But I wanted to make sure you guys have all the necessary information to begin our girl scout year!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! See you on December

Welcome to Girl Scouts Troop 216!!!

Hello everyone!!! My name is Vanessa Hicks and I am the Troop Leader for Troop 216!! I created this blog so there was one place where we all could come to get important information, information from the meetings, and also to see what our girls will accomplish this year! Please share this blog with family and friends, as I am sure that they will be happy to see what our girls are doing as well! I will update this site often, so make sure you check back soon!!! The next post will cover everything that you need to know for our first meeting which is December 5th, 2013 at Point O’ View Elementary School at 6:30pm! If you have any questions, please send me an email!!