Girl Scout Week Starts Sunday March 9th!

Girl Scout Week: March 9-15, 2014

Girl Scout Birthday

On March 12, 1912, the first Girl Scout meeting was held in Savannah, Georgia. Girl Scouts of all ages celebrate this day year-round by demonstrating leadership and commitment in ways that have a real impact in their communities. We encourage Girl Scouts to celebrate that date, our birth date with something special. There are many ways to celebrate the Girl Scout birthday!

  1. Complete a service project – Get out in your community and find a way to help others.
  2. Throw a birthday party for Girl Scouts.
  3. Learn something about Juliette Gordon Low and the founding of Girl Scouts. Information is available in The Girls Guide to Girl Scouting for each grade level.
  4. Check out the Birthday Week Activity Sheet– it’s full of ideas to do every day of Girl Scout Week.

Girl Scouts has a birthday, why is there a need for a whole week? Well, there is more to Girl Scout Week than the Girl Scout birthday. Girl Scout Week includes three significant days:

  • Girl Scout Sunday, March 9, 2014
  • March 12 is the 102nd birthday of the first Girl Scout meeting in Savannah, Georgia
  • Girl Scout Sabbath, March 15, 2014

Girl Scout Sunday and Girl Scout Sabbath

Some religions observe Girl Scout Sunday on the Sunday beginning Girl Scout Week, while other religions observe the Girl Scout Sabbath on the Friday or Saturday ending Girl Scout Week. This arrangement allows our membership of diverse faiths to celebrate on their chosen day of worship.

These special days give Girl Scouts an opportunity to attend their place of worship and be recognized as a Girl Scout. If a place of worship is the group sponsor, girls may perform a service, such as greeting, ushering or doing a flag ceremony. These days can also be a time when girls explore other faiths and earn their My Promise My Faith Award.

Ladies, with it being the Girl Scout Birthday, I would like to extend our meeting on Thursday if that is okay with you guys! I would like to concentrate on the Girl Scout Birthday and have a little party for everyone. Michelle right now is in charge of snacks that night, but if there would be any others that would like to pitch in for snacks, food, ect, that way the girls would feel like its a party, that would be great! Please respond to this email and let me know what you guys would like to bring, that would be great!

I also emailed out a Birthday Week Activity Calendar. Please bring this with you to the meeting on Thursday! If your Girl Scout has completed at least 5 things on this list, they will be eligible for the Girl Scout Week patch (which is currently on backorder but will be getting them!)


Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions!


Vanessa 🙂

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