Good morning all!!!
First and foremost, can I just say how amazing you guys are?! Seriously! I want to thank you guys for the support, being flexible, and above all, staying committed to our troop!
I want to thank Michelle for holding down the fort, as I was stuck in Georgia because of all the delayed flights. I didn’t get home till Friday night, and man was that trip horrible!
So we have A LOT of things coming at us, starting this week, first and foremost: COOKIE BOOTHS! I know that Michelle has been keeping you informed on all the updates! For those that have signed up for cookie booths, THANK YOU!​ I checked this morning, and there are still a few slots available for cookie booths! Please sign up of you are available!
Also, please know that meetings are still every other Thursday at Kempsville Rec Center! Unless I haven’t sent an email stating that the meeting is canceled, we will still have meetings (even if I am not conducting them).
As the weather gets  nicer (hopefully) we will be seeing more and more field trips planned. For example, by Wednesday, I will hopefully have a tour set up at the fire station and that will be our meeting for next Thursday! Keep that in mind and I will update you guys on Wednesday!
I will be sending emails about events that will be available to our troop. Some of them I would like us all to attend, as they are going to be towards petals, and others are at your convenience.
I have received a few emails concerning communication. I know that we are all busy with work, life, kiddos, ect. To make sure that you guys are getting this information, please if you can shoot a quick email back saying “Thanks got it” or something quick along those lines, that way I know all the information is being presented to you all, that would be greatly appreciated!!
Again, thank you all!!
Vanessa 🙂

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