Cookie Walkabout February 22nd

The councils official date of the Girl Scout Cookie Walkabout is February 22nd, which is this Sunday! Our troop will be hosting our Cookie Walkabout from 2pm-4pm. We chose this time as there is a cookie booth that morning and we want to make sure everyone can attend.
The requirements for the walkabout are as follows:
The Cookie Walkabout is designed to promote door-to-door sales.
To qualify to earn a FREE cookie walkabout patch, girls can participate in a chaperoned neighborhood door-to-door sale that lasts for at least two hours. Any girl and/or troop can participate.Inline image 1
Michelle will let you know when you can pick up the cookies on Saturday, or you can meet us at our cookie booth on Sunday to pick up cookies. You NEED your cookies to participate.
We will be meeting at the Lynnhaven Parkway McDonalds at 4:15pm to celebrate with some ice cream!!! (I know originally we were going to do food, but since its later in the day, and I don’t know if every parents wants their kids to have that for dinner, ect. So it will just be ice cream and celebration!) That is where all the participants will get their walk about patch for a job well done, and there may or may not be some Top Seller prizes!!
Please let myself AND Michelle know if you will be participating, so she can arrange your pick up of cookies with her!
 Thanks again!! Vanessa


Good morning all!!!
First and foremost, can I just say how amazing you guys are?! Seriously! I want to thank you guys for the support, being flexible, and above all, staying committed to our troop!
I want to thank Michelle for holding down the fort, as I was stuck in Georgia because of all the delayed flights. I didn’t get home till Friday night, and man was that trip horrible!
So we have A LOT of things coming at us, starting this week, first and foremost: COOKIE BOOTHS! I know that Michelle has been keeping you informed on all the updates! For those that have signed up for cookie booths, THANK YOU!​ I checked this morning, and there are still a few slots available for cookie booths! Please sign up of you are available!
Also, please know that meetings are still every other Thursday at Kempsville Rec Center! Unless I haven’t sent an email stating that the meeting is canceled, we will still have meetings (even if I am not conducting them).
As the weather gets  nicer (hopefully) we will be seeing more and more field trips planned. For example, by Wednesday, I will hopefully have a tour set up at the fire station and that will be our meeting for next Thursday! Keep that in mind and I will update you guys on Wednesday!
I will be sending emails about events that will be available to our troop. Some of them I would like us all to attend, as they are going to be towards petals, and others are at your convenience.
I have received a few emails concerning communication. I know that we are all busy with work, life, kiddos, ect. To make sure that you guys are getting this information, please if you can shoot a quick email back saying “Thanks got it” or something quick along those lines, that way I know all the information is being presented to you all, that would be greatly appreciated!!
Again, thank you all!!
Vanessa 🙂