Questions about Fun Patches

So I have received a few questions regarding fun patches!daisy-fun-1702

First question was where do the fun patches go?


They go on the back of the tunics! They are not to be in the front at all!

Secondly, can the Fun Patches be earned on an individual basis (when families go to the park, ice skating, ect) or does it all have to be within the troop?

I have asked around to other local leaders, looked on Google, and there is not one answer for this. It truly is based on each troop. As I see it, I have absolutely no problem with the girls earning fun patches on their own with their families. Will some girls have more fun patches than others? Sure, but I think the fun patches can really show each girls individuality! As long as the parents are purchasing the fun patches, I have no problem with it. Again, there will be fun patches that are earned through the troop, and we will cover the expenses for. But I say, have fun with your girl scout, and if she earns a fun patch along the way, wear it proudly (on the back! LOL 🙂 )

Please email me any other questions that you may have and I will address them!

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