Recap of our First Meeting December 5th 2013

Good morning all!!

I hope that you guys are doing well! With all the last minute changes, I think that our first meeting was a great success!!!!

First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU AGAIN for all the supplies, it truly means a lot! I must say that you guys will be the ones that makes this year a success, and I can’t wait to watch us grow!!

So our first meeting was pretty simple! Getting to know all the girls, explaining the importance of the Girl Scout Law and Promise, and really just getting a feel for the troop! I must say, we have some animated girls in our group!! They were just too cute and funny! I think the very best part for me was at the end, when they all came up to me and gave me a hug, that was probably the most humbling experience ever! I know we can all agree as parents, we probably don’t realize the impact we have on our own children because we see them everyday. But being able to impact other children, there is definitely a great feeling that is involved! I know I left the meeting smiling!


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I know that we are having some location issues, and I am working diligently on those. I know its safe to say that the entire troop would prefer where we ended up meeting at, so I will do my best to push for that for you guys. I will get you all a final answer by this week!

Don’t forget, our Investiture Ceremony will be December 19th! Please bring cameras to take photos of them becoming official Girl Scouts! Also, please make sure all the girls have their tunics on! If you have already pinned them with the Daisy Pin, please have that removed for the meeting, as it will be “officially” pinned by us! There will be cupcakes to celebrate afterwards!

If you have not paid your dues yet, please get those paid by the next meeting!

Also, tomorrow. December 10th, 2013, is our Cookie Training at Kempsville High School! This training will be at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria!

If you have any pictures from the meeting, please email them to me at, so I can have them for our Troop Scrapbook!!

Have a great day!

Questions about Fun Patches

So I have received a few questions regarding fun patches!daisy-fun-1702

First question was where do the fun patches go?


They go on the back of the tunics! They are not to be in the front at all!

Secondly, can the Fun Patches be earned on an individual basis (when families go to the park, ice skating, ect) or does it all have to be within the troop?

I have asked around to other local leaders, looked on Google, and there is not one answer for this. It truly is based on each troop. As I see it, I have absolutely no problem with the girls earning fun patches on their own with their families. Will some girls have more fun patches than others? Sure, but I think the fun patches can really show each girls individuality! As long as the parents are purchasing the fun patches, I have no problem with it. Again, there will be fun patches that are earned through the troop, and we will cover the expenses for. But I say, have fun with your girl scout, and if she earns a fun patch along the way, wear it proudly (on the back! LOL 🙂 )

Please email me any other questions that you may have and I will address them!

Coats for Families

As winter approaches the Hampton Roads region, there are many families in need of coats. Girl Scouts are helping WAVY-TV 10 and FOX43 with a community service called Coats for Families. You can donate gently used or new coats and drop them off at A Place for Girls or various locations listed here. Used coats will be cleaned and ready for distribution for those in need – thanks to Albano Cleaners and Boulevard Cleaners. The campaign will run through December 9 with one major distribution of coats on December 14 at select locations from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. – one coat per person. Parents should bring their children for proper sizing. See public service announcement here.

I Just Can’t Wait for Girl Scout Cookies!

The annual and beloved Girl Scout cookie season will soon be here. All your favorite cookies to choose from at a great price for a great cause! GSCCC volunteers who are helping organize this effort in their service units or service areas attended training courses in November to get the scoop on what’s new for 2014. The next step – preparing girls at upcoming cookie rallies where they will build skills to become super cookie entrepreneurs!  I will be adding more information as we move closer to the BIG day when the sale begins – January 11, 2014.

** The Cookie Training will be December 10th, 2013 at 6:30pm at Kempsville High School. ALL Leaders and Cookie Chairs must be present!** Please let me know if you can not make this!***